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His superhuman acceleration defies all the best players. His untouchable agility dominates all the best teams. Now, the only thing left for Messi to surpass is himself. Designed in collaboration with Barcelona’s no.10, the Messi 16 is built provide that game changer moment and ensure victory for his team. With a textured Agility Surface Vamp, the 16.3 provides added grip on the ball to ensure every pass and shot is under your control, while the Mono Tongue is designed to offer a snug fit for explosive agility.The outsole of the 16.3 features a dynamic Gambetrax stud configuration, which offers superior traction on firm and artificial ground surfaces.

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  1. Says:

    I want these shoes in two days in next week I playing against college

  2. Says:

    I want this shoes in a week!

  3. Says:

    Please send me these shoes asap

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